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lernOS ist eine Selbstmanagement-Methode für Menschen, die im 21. Jahrhundert leben und arbeiten. To be successful you have to learn, organize, and develop yourself on an ongoing basis. No matter if you are a teenager, a student, a subject matter expert, or a manager. lernOS integrates elements from methods like Scrum, Objectives & Key Results (OKR), Getting Things Done (GTD), and Working Out Loud (WOL) and in an integrated approach. You can use lernOS on your own, in a learning tandem (2 people) or in a learning circle (4-5 people). Learning with lernOS iterates in sprints of 13 weeks called learning sprints. Week 0 is for sprint planning, weeks 1-11 for the actual learning process and week 12 for a retrospective. Each week a learning weekly takes place (about 60 minutes). This way four sprints per year build the basic framework for your livelong learning process.

Download the lernOS Guides and additional material below and get started now! If you need support to find circle members you can ask your friends and network or use the Circlefinder on CONNECT. If you have any further questions you can use the lernOS category on our community platform CONNECT or write with the hashtag #lernOS on Twitter.

The adoption of lernOS is a matter of months or years not hours or days. So Keep Calm & Learn On! @simondueckert

lernOS Guides

Der lernOS Core stellt Leitfäden auf den drei Ebenen Individueel, Teams und Organisationen bereit. Die lernOS Inhalte können in verschiedenen Formaten und Sprachen heruntergeladen werden. Der lernOS Core besteht aus drei Leitfäden:

Die lernOS Toolbox stellt weitere Leitfäden für oft benutzte Tools und Methoden bereit (z.B. Expert Debriefing, Barcamps, Podcasting, Sketchnoting.

lernOS FAQ

Where do I find the PDF, WORD, HTML etc. files?

Download the ZIP-File from the repository and extract it on your computer. In the folder with the guide you’ll find subfolders for the available language versions (en, de etc.) with the files in it.

Can I read the lernOS Guides on an ebook reader like the kindle?

Yes. You have to get the email adress of your kindle in the preferences. Then send the mobi version to that email adress and the guide will appear on your kindle device or app. Other devices might need the epub version. Check the documentation of your device.

Can I use and modify lernOS?

Yes. You can and we want you to do it! That’s why lernOS is released under a creative commons CC BY 4.0 license and follows the principles of the open definition. You can download, use, and modify it. You can use it in private and business contexts. You can create products and services with lernOS and provide support, training, coaching and professional services. You can also call yourself a lernOS coach, mentor, guide, trainer, circle facilitator etc.

Can I provide commercial products and services with lernOS in the name?

No. Individual products and services must not contain the term “lernOS” in their name (e.g. “lernOS Learning Workshop”). It’s like Chromium (open source web browser core) and Chrome (a browser product of google). Chromium is the openly and freely available source code for web browsers. If you create a product like Chrome (Google) or Edge (Microsoft) these products have to have different names.


lernOS is provided as free cultural work under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY). Following the Open Definition you can freely access, use, modify, and share it for any purpose (private/business, commercial/non-commercial).

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