Why lernOS?

  • Constant change and our future well-being require continuous learning.
  • Lifelong learning as well as learning in teams and organizations ensures a good future for all of us.
  • lernOS offers freely and openly available guidelines that promote self-directed learning at all levels.

What is lernOS?

lernOS Quick-Start-Guide

lernOS Quick-Start-Guide

Select lernOS starting point

You can start with lernOS for yourself, in your Team or your Organization

  • Do you want to start as individual?
  • Do you want to include the whole organisation?
  • Do you want to start as team?

lernOS for You

Cultivate the art of self-directed lifelong learning

  • Learning in 3-months sprints with personal learning goals
  • Selforganized learning alone, in a learning tandem or in a circle (4-5)
  • 3 learning paths with 2h time/week necessary
  • Methodological elements: Scrum, OKR, GTD und WOL.

lernOS for Organizations

Develop a Learning Organization together

  • Comprehensive „Learning Coalition“ with the Learning Organization as true north
  • Open Space Learning event every 3-6 month
  • Learning sprints for experiments and projects
  • A lot of voluntary helpers(„army of volunteers“)

lernOS for Teams

Enable collaboration & learning in teams

  • Team development with 3-month sprints with or without learning coach
  • Action learning e.g. as part of team jour fixes
  • Topics e.g. communication, documentation, filing, Office 365 etc.

lernOS Toolbox

Proven methoden and tools for good handling of knowledge

  • Duration: 1 sprint (=3 month) with 2h effort/ week
  • Learning group: learning allon, in tandems or circles (4-5)
  • Examples: Sketchnoting, Podcasting, Expert Debriefing, Community Management

lernOS Infos

Stop Reading, Start Doing!

There is nothing good, unless you do it!

  • Choose guide / learning path
  • Look for fellows in your team / organization or for a tandem/circle (Circlefinder)
  • Plan the date for the start in week 0.
  • Let‘s start!