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Many thanks to Simon Dückert for the support in terms of content, technical and moral support! The guide was written by Benjamin Krüger, Karl Damke, Katharina Bluhm, Katrin Mäntele, Lars Bartschat, Marjukka Zsagar-Renneberg und Raffaelina Rossetti

Our contributors:

  • Natalia Zlateva (@nataliaoro on Instagram): Kata "Shopping List"
  • Mike Meister (@mm_mikemeister on Twitter): Warm Up "Doodles", Warm-Up "Visual communication makes the difference"
  • Sabine Erkens (@Sabine_Erkens on Twitter): Kata "image collection", Kata "#NeverEnoughPens"
  • Britta Ullrich ( on the web & Instagram): Kata "Soulshine Selfie"
  • Conni Eyebisch-Klimpl (@conni.eybisch on Instagram): "Reflections" kata
  • Susanne Speer (@designpiranha on Twitter): Kata "Web pictionary"
  • Steffi Altmann (@mygreensketchnotes on Instagram): Sketchnote "Sketchnote-Selfie”
  • Katja Reiter (@katja.visualisiert on Instagram): Sketchnote "Examples for Font”
  • Mascha D. Reinelt (@sketchhenne on Instagram): sketch note "Soulshine Selfie"
  • Telse Ahrweiler (@telse_ahrweiler on Instagram): sketchnote "Lettering”
  • Daniela Engelhard (@mindfullmindful on Instagram): Sketchnote "Lettering"
  • Andrea Wendt (@anwendtbar on Instagram): Sketchnote "Lettering"
  • Simon Dückert (@simondueckert on Twitter): from the lernOS adopted katas: "Circle Setup", "My goals for the next 12 weeks", "An appointment with yourself" and inspiration for the kata "Top 5 Resources".

A big thank you for constructive feedback and corrections goes to

  • Anke Stettner
  • Katja Klaußner
  • Ralf Schramm
  • Susanne Kitlinski
  • Wibke Tiedmann
  • Tobias Leisgang
  • Andrea Wendt
  • Chris Noessel

The English version was translated by • Marjukka Zsagar-Renneberg • Katharina Büttner • Raffaelina Rossetti

Special thanks goes to the members of the SketchnoteArmy Community for proofreading and feedback • Rasagy Sharma • Chris Joyce • Chris Noessel • Anne Brassell