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Kata 2 (Circle Setup)

Kata 2: Circle Setup

Used in Week 0

If you do not know each other in the circle yet, get to know each other in week 0. Plan when you will meet, which tools you will use and who will be the moderator. Define a circle moderator who will take care of event- and time-management. One of the biggest obstacles for a successful circle is discipline and time management, so this role is important. The moderator is not the "boss" of the circle, but a regular circle member who makes sure everything runs smoothly. Define the day and time of the weekly meeting and whether you meet in person or virtually. Define the tools you use for communication and documentation in the circle. Decide which of the suggested exercises you want to do in the circle and as homework. Define rules or behavioral labels that might be helpful to you.

  • Discuss whether, when, and how you might change the circle moderation?
  • Determine a day and time of the weekly?
  • Decide whether weekly meetings are in person or virtual?
  • Discuss what tools are to be used. Is it free-form? Or are you hoping to compare apples-to-apples when using the same tools. If you are in person, are you sharing a set of tools, or is each person to bring their own.
  • Discuss were the circle will share the results? Do we use social media channels? Do you need to ask express permission of others to share their work or is it free-form?
  • Decide how to deal with meetings where not everyone can attend. For example, if 3 participants cannot attend, is the meeting canceled?
  • Determine the attitude and principles for your circle. For example, is this circle fun or serious? If you can't complete a task because you have other priorities during the week, that's fine. We do not create additional stress)?


  • To gain clarity in the circle about the procedure and the organization.