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Stop talking. Start doing!

If you have read this guide, but have not yet actively implemented lernOS, you should start now! Starting with lernOS is easy. These five steps will help you to get started smoothly:

  1. Make time: Define when you want to start with lernOS. Enter the times for the weekly in the calendar. This regular appointment is especially necessary if you practice lernOS in a circle.
  2. Define goals and key results: Use week 0 to set your goals and measurable results for the sprint. Choose a goal that you really care about.
  3. Start a circle: Look for 3-4 allies who want to start a sprint at the same time. If someone has already been in another circle, that person can take over the role of Circle Moderator.
  4. Organize the weekly: if you do not know each other in the circle, it is best to meet in week 0 in person. (This advice must be put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic.) Use social networks or messengers to communicate between meetings. Use video conferencing to organize virtual meetings.
  5. Plan, Do, Learn, Repeat: Use the last Weekly in week 12 to reflect on the results and the cooperation in the circle. Decide if you want to go through another sprint together.

Keep Calm & Sketch On!