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Kata 7 (Take your time while writing)

Kata 7: Take your time while writing

Used in Week 2

A key thing for an excellent sketchnote is its readability. Especially when we tap on keyboards far too much and don't write much by hand in everyday life, the handwriting practice from primary school is often just a pale memory.

In the appendix, you will find a practice sheet on "Architect’s Handwriting", which is known for its excellent readability. If you can barely read your own handwriting, you may want to take some time to regularly practice.

Another approach is to take more time to write, and seeing how it affects your readability. To do this, write a short sentence in your normal handwriting, noting the how long it took. Then write the same sentence again, taking twice as much time and maybe even more than that. Look at the letters carefully. What changes? Accelerate again gradually and try to keep the positive changes.

More information:


  • To recognize the success factors for making your handwriting readable
  • ... and use them.