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Week 12 (Reflection and conclusion)

Week 12: Reflection and Conclusion

You have set out. But have you already reached your destination? What's the next step? Have you found your passion? Was this after or before the circle? And when do we actually go out and celebrate?

As preparation

  • [ ] What's next? What do you plan to do next?

In the weekly

  • [ ] Check-in (2 minutes per member)

  • [ ] Warm-Up: Special Features (5 minutes)

This week there is no clearly defined program with further exercises. You already presented the results of your work in week 1. Now is the time to finish the sprint together. Talk about the circle and your experiences in the last weeks. What have you learned and what has the learning path done to you. How can you continue after the sprint?

Wow, you did it and finished the sprint! Congratulations! How can it continue? Some circles continue to meet regularly, but in longer intervals (e.g. every 2 or 4 weeks instead of every week). In this way, you can work on specific topics from the learning path in greater depth or katas, and repeat warm-ups. How about a new iteration of the Sketchnote Learning Path with new goals and focus?

I'm sure your circle has its ideas about what you want to work on. You might bring in application ideas from your fields of work or interest and create exercises from them.

Discuss what you want to fill in the weeks after the sprint, because it's essential to keep up with it to strengthen further the skills and positive habits you have built up during the sprint. Be sure also to discuss how you want to proceed with the shared resources you have (online platforms, sketches from the others, etc.)

  • [ ] You've done a great job in the last few weeks - you should definitely celebrate that this week.
  • [ ] What's next?
  • [ ] Check-out (1 minute per member)