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Kata 16 (Video Sketching - Did you get it?)

Kata 16: Videosketching: Did you get it?

Used in Week 6, Week 7, Week 8

Split up into teams of two. Both of you choose a short video on an exciting topic and sketch it (without telling us what you are sketching). Then share the result with your Circle Member. He or she will first look at the sketchnote and then watch the video.Prepare your feedback; either make a one-on-one appointment or share your feedback with the Circle.

Key questions for analysis and feedback:

  • What makes the sketchnote easy to read? Where is there still potential?
  • What makes the sketchnote understandable? What is missing?
  • What appeals to you about the sketchnote? What is particularly well done?
  • What essential information do you find in the sketchnote, and what are you missing? How is the information presented? How does this appeal to you?
  • Which elements help to give the sketchnote structure? Could any additional elements have been used to support this?


  • To practice creating a sketchnote using a video.
  • To understand what you do well when creating a sketchnote.
  • To get feedback on your existing sketchnote potential.