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Kata 17 (Feedback on content)

Kata 17: Feedback on content

Used in Week 8

For sketchnotes, active listening and capturing the essential information (core theses), for example a lecture, is critical. This Kata is about actively asking for feedback on your Sketchnote from the outside.

Depending on the setting in which you create your sketchnote, there are different ways to get feedback. Here are a few examples:

a) Sketchnote created at an event:

Why not go directly to the presenters and event organizers and ask them for feedback on the content of your sketchnote? Was the information fully collected? Are the core theses included?

If there are multiple sketches from different sketchnoters of the presentation, you could compare the informational content of the sketches and rate the information you gathered.

b) Sketchnote created at a meeting:

At the end of a session, you could ask participants to provide feedback on your sketchnote. Are the participants of the opinion that you've captured the key points from the meeting and weighted them appropriately?

c) Sketchnote created about a trip:

Ask your travel companions, such as family or friends, whether their experiences and impressions resonate in your sketchnote.

d) Sketchnote created about a particular topic:

You could post your sketchnote on social media and ask for feedback. Ask concrete questions about what you want to get feedback on.

  • Share with your circle the experiences about how to get feedback on the content of your sketchnote (20 minutes).
  • Talk about your findings and reflect on how feedback on the content of your sketchnote can help you improve your skills.


  • To practice your sketchnote skills in a business context and expand your comfort zone.
  • To know what you can do well when creating a Sketchnote.
  • To know where there is still potential.