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Kata 15 (Presenting the preliminary result)

Kata 15: Presenting your intermediate result

Used in Week 6

Present your first product (Minimal Valuable Product) OR do a rework of your Sktechnote-Selfie!

If you are working on a specific product, you can use this Weekly to present your Minimal Valuable Product to others.

Your goals: Bring your OKR metrics!

  • What progress are you making in your key results?
  • What are you planning to do?
  • Where do you want to go?

If you're not working on a product, you could, for example, do a rework of your sketchnote selfie with the techniques you've been practicing for the previous six weeks.

  • Do you see any differences?
  • Do the other Circle members see any differences?

You can use the following additional questions to reflect on the intermediate result:

  • Our cooperation: What do you appreciate about our collaboration? For what do you wish for more support?
  • Golden moments: What were eureka-moments in the previous learning path for you? Which "treasures" have you already lifted?


  • To recognize what progress you have made and whether a goal adjustment is necessary.
  • To receive feedback from the participants on your project and can use it directly.
  • To receive feedback on the extent that your sketchnote skills have developed.