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Week 7 (Comprehensibility)

Week 7: Comprehensibility

Do you understand me? This week you test whether your sketchnotes convey the statements you intended.

As preparation

  • [ ] Kata 16: video sketching: Did you get it?

In the weekly

  • [ ] Check in: (2 Minuten pro Member)
  • [ ] Warm-up: Draw Toast (5 minutes)
  • [ ]Compare your experiences with the kata

Key questions:

  • What expectations did you have regarding the comprehensibility of your sketchnote?
  • Were these fulfilled?
  • How was the feedback regarding readability, layout, choice of words?
  • What worked particularly well for you?
  • What was particularly challenging for you? (e.g. speaking rate in the video, filtering essential things, ...)
  • What have you learned for your next sketchnotes, what do you want to keep, and what do you want to do differently?

  • [ ] Check-out (1 minute per member)