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Kata 23 (Measure & show your success)

Kata 23: Measure & show your success

Used in Week 11

Congratulations! You have arrived at the final Kata of this circle. Now it is time to measure your success over the last few weeks and make it show.

If you have worked on a product as a project, then finalize it. Look back to where you started. What challenges have you mastered while creating the product?

You didn't work on a specific product? Then look back at the last weeks in the circle. What has mainly influenced or moved you in the past weeks?

You can use the spider web graphic in the appendix to show your progress. Think about different areas, such as layout/structure, picture vocabulary, live sketching. Then estimate on a scale of 0-10: Where did you stand at the beginning of the circle? Where are you now? That way you can visualize your progress.

If you have worked with OKRs for your goals, evaluate their progress. For example, use the OKR tracking chart in the appendix.

And don't forget: Congratulate yourself for this circle and the last few weeks!


  • To get clarity regarding your goal achievement.
  • To will get feedback from the Circle Members to build up on this.
  • To celebrate your successes!