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Kata 22 (Pictionary)

Kata 22: Pictionary (originally “Montagsmaler”)

Used in Week 10

The “Montagsmaler” was a programme on German TV, in which several team members guessed terms that a member of the team had drawn. To start this exercise, you need some terms that represent specific things, such as train or elephant. Make sure to pick concrete nouns that are not abstract. This online Thesaurus can randomly select words, so you can use it to support word-finding:

also available in English:

In turn, each Circle Member picks a word and draws it, the others guess what it is. The aim is to draw something, to overcome the inhibition of drawing and above all, to find out how little it often takes to make a word clear. This exercise is therefore particularly suitable for a "warm-up" after the first exercises. It is also an excellent task later on when your skills are growing. Then verbs that show figures in action, such as walking, dancing, or thinking, become very useful.


  • You will get feedback on the recognizability of your drawing: What is essential for something to be recognized?
  • To learn to overcome your inhibitions of drawing.
  • To repeat what you have learned and apply it in combination