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Brandy Agerbeck - The essential 8

The thought of drawing in front of other people can be intimidating. Brandy Agerbeck breaks down drawing in the context of Graphic Facilitation (moderation with visualization) into 8 essential components. All visual practitioners can use this video. It helps you to focus on the essentials and to bring your ideas from a picture in your mind to the paper. (English)

Brandy Agerbeck - what is visual thinking?

What is visual thinking? Not an instructional video, more a "why should I?" video. hy drawing is such a fantastic thinking tool and why Brandy focuses on THINKING in visual thinking. (English)

Karen Bosch - Sketchnote elements

Overview of the essential elements of a sketchnote. (English)

Willemien Brand - VISUAL THINKING

Visual thinking - integrating visualizations into business communication

Willemien presents a webinar in which she explains the meaning and purpose of visual thinking in a business context. It includes a short live business drawing workshop. (English)

Sunni Brown - Doodlers, unite!

Studies show that sketching and drawing improve our understanding - and our creative thinking. Why are we still embarrassed when we get caught doodling in a meeting? Sunni Brown says: Doodlers, unite! She advocates freeing your brain with paper and pencil! (English)

Kate Hayward - Draw like a child, see like a master

Draw like a child, see like a master.

Hayward explains how seemingly simple drawing techniques can allow us to communicate more clearly by building an extensive visual vocabulary of simple, childlike images. (English)

Pavo und Rob (Pavo Ivcovic und Robert Bree) - Coffee talk around sketchnotes, lettering… YouTube channel

Heather Martinez - Neuland Hand 2.0 :: Lettering Tips Tuesdays

Neuland Hand 2.0 is handwriting designed for graphic recorders and presenters that works well for titles and headlines. (English)

Doug Neill - Verbal to Visual YouTube-Kanal

YouTube channel by Doug Neill / "Verbal to Visual" with lots of practical tips and instructions on how to learn and use sketchnotes. (English)

Onda - Visual Thinking Crash Course!

A crash course in visual thinking. (English)

Mike Rohde - Sketchnote mini workshop

Half-hour sketchnote workshop. (English)

Scriberia - What is visual thinking?

What is visual thinking? A small animated film. (English)

Graham Shaw - Why people believe they can’t draw - and how to prove they can

Why do so many people think that they can't draw? Where and when did we develop this conviction? Graham Shaw destroys this illusion in a very pragmatic way. He demonstrates impressively how the simple act of drawing has the power to bring about a positive change in our world!!


Brandy Agerbeck - The idea shapers - The power of putting your thinking into your own hands - The power of putting your thinking into your own hands. Detailed essential work on drawing as a tool for thinking. Very systematic, with 24 "idea shapers," concepts to design ideas visually. (English)

Brandy Agerbeck - The graphic facilitator’s field guide/Der Wegweiser für den Graphic Facilitator - How to create meaning through listening, thinking and drawing. Refers to Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Visual Moderation / creating visual protocols. (English/German)

bikablo akademie GmbH & Co. KG, Martin Haussmann - bikablo(R) 1 - The picture-card block as a reference book of visual language with hundreds of picture symbols. (German/English/French)

bikablo akademie GmbH & Co. KG, Martin Haussmann - bikablo(R) 2.0: New images for Meeting, Training & Learning - Pictorial symbols from the topics "Workshop/Meeting/Seminar/Training", "Company/Organization/Market" and others. Tips for professional visualizations and poster layouts. (German/English/French)

bikablo akademie GmbH & Co. KG, Martin Haussmann - bikablo(R) emotions: Visuelles Wörterbuch - This visual dictionary focuses on people, their feelings, their living and working together with others. (German/English/French) Willemien Brand - Visuelles Denken: Stärkung von Menschen und Unternehmen durch visuelle Zusammenarbeit - Using visual communication successfully in (professional) everyday life. (German/English)

Willemien Brand - Visual Doing: Applying Visual Thinking in your Day to Day Business - Focusing on the use of visualization techniques in everyday business. (English)

Sunni Brown - The doodle revolution - UUnlock the power to think differently - about the how and why of Doodles (English)

Ben Crothers - Presto Sketching: The Magic of Simple Drawing for Brilliant Product Thinking and Design - Tips, templates and exercises for building a visual vocabulary and developing the drawing skills needed to communicate ideas. (English)

Martin Haussmann - UZMO - Denken mit dem Stift: Visuell präsentieren, dokumentieren und erkunden - Thinking with the pen: Visual presentation, documentation and exploration: Practical guide for Visual Facilitating with practical drawing instructions. (German)

Robert Klanten, Anna Lena Schiller, Sven Ehmann - Graphic recording: Eine Anleitung zum Illustrieren von Meetings, Konferenzen und Workshops - A comprehensive manual with many examples of different graphic recordings. (German)

Heidrun Künzel - Sketchnotes im Alltag: Schritt für Schritt Sketchnotes anwenden - Step-by-step instructions for using Sketchnotes in everyday life (to-do and have-fun lists, checklists, plans for holidays, garden, recipes, personal greetings, vouchers, invitations and inspiration for diary and calendar). (German)

Maja Larsson - Alla kan rita symboler - In Swedish, but very lively and individual templates and inspirations for figures. (Swedish)

Giorgia Lupi & Stefanie Posavec - Observe, collect, draw (data visualization) - A visual "diary" with lots of inspiration to find patterns in your daily life by observing, collecting and drawing (visualization of data). A very vivid, concrete and personal introduction to / experience with data visualization. (English)

Dan Roam - The back of the napkin/Auf der Serviette erklärt - Convince quickly with a few strokes instead of presenting for a long time. Solving problems and selling ideas with pictures - very tactical! (English/German)

Dan Roam - Blah blah blah - What to do, when words don’t work - Tell exciting stories with illustrations. (English/German).

Mike Rohde - The sketchnote handbook - The classic!

Nadine Roßa: Sketchnotes. Die große Symbol-Bibliothek: 1000 Vorlagen mit vielen Zeichenanleitungen - 1000 templates with many drawing instructions: Line by line instructions and variations of symbols

Nadine Roßa - Visuelle Notizen für alles: von Business-Meetings über Partyplanung bis hin zu Rezepten - Visual notes for everything: from business meetings and party planning to recipes - building sketchnotes, visual alphabet, tips and tricks (German)

Malte von Tiesenhausen: Ad hoc visualisieren - Denken sichtbar machen - Making thinking visible: practical instructions and tips on how to use visualization to communicate one's ideas more understandably and sustainably and as a resource for finding ideas. (German)

Tanja Wehr - Die Sketchnote-Starthilfe - Over 200 line-by-line instructions and fonts for tracing (German)

Tanja Wehr - Die Sketchnote-Starthilfe Neue Bilderwelten - Extensive business and sketchnote picture vocabulary: Over 300 new picture words (German)


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